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Five Things to do Before Your Big Move to Belize

You are probably quite excited. You’ve found a Realtor you adore, looked through the San Pedro MLS, and found a home you cannot wait to move into. You have even told friends about the big move and have begun to dream about warm days in th...

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Why You Should Buy a House on Caye Caulker

Why You Should Buy a House on Caye Caulker Have you begun to dream of days spent on the beach? Relaxing to the lull of peaceful waves and soft sunshine filtering through a bamboo umbrella? If you dream of spending time in paradise throughout...

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Real Estate Trends In Belize For 2017

Since 2007, global interest in Belize Real Estate has continued to increase. Exact numbers are hard to calculate.  Real Estate trends show an approximate 30% increase in the value of properties for sale on the coastal areas. Typically a proper...

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The Importance of Home Staging

Real Estate professionals know that properly staged photographs can produce the emotional trigger needed for a buyer to schedule a tour of the houses for sale. However, what happens when the photograph doesn’t match the home? Just as...

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Top 10 Reasons to Own an Island Home in Belize

Belize is a beautiful country that shares a border with Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, and Guatemala. Owning an island home in Belize is a wonderful experience that many foreigners enjoy. In fact, discovering the perfect island homes for sale in Am...

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Luciana Essenziale Artiste Extraodinaire!

At the March 2016, Art Exhibition and Book Fair, I learned that Luciana Essenziale is so much more than the owner of Oasi Apartments where she is a well-respected businesswoman and entrepreneur on Caye Caulker, Belize. One of the main reas...

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