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10 Reasons Belize Makes the Best Location for Your Vacation Home

Many people have considered investing in a vacation home but are not yet sure where to do it. Here are ten reasons Belize hosts the best vacation homes:

  1. The currency is stable. You don’t have to worry about losing the value of your money when you exchange it for Belizean dollars. The currency is pegged to the American dollar, so your money is safe.
  2.  It’s in an ideal location. Besides being an ideal location, the country itself has a prime spot on the world stage. It’s just a short flight from both North America and Europe, so you spend most of your time enjoying the sun, not sitting on a plane.
  1. Everyone speaks English. One of the most nerve-wracking parts of buying a vacation home in a tropical country is whether or not you will be able to communicate with the local population. In Belize, you will.
  1. Tourism is a new, but growing industryThis means first, that no one in this country hates tourists and second, that everything is new. It’s also an indication that the economy in this country will only continue to improve.
  1. Retirees are making this place their home. Retirees from all over the world are choosing Belize as their retirement destinations. That means property prices are affordable!
  1. You can afford to buy a home here. When most people think about buying a home abroad, all they can think about is the expense. In Belize, you’ll be surprised by how affordable even beachfront properties are.
  1. It’s inexpensive to live here. When you visit your vacation home, you don’t want to be spending more to exist than you are at home. This makes Belize the perfect location. Though it has the comforts of home, it doesn’t have the prices of home.
  1. There are tax incentives for investors. Belize wants people to invest in their land right now, so they are offering tax breaks to those that do.
  1. The government and economy is stable. You don’t have to worry about uprisings here. As a former British colony, this country is extremely stable and has a government and banking system you’ll recognize.
  1. Foreigners have the same property rights as natives. There are few countries that offer this perk, and Belize is one of them.

Whether you decide to buy a vacation home to live in or as an investment, REMAX Island Real Estate can help you every step of the way.


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