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Caye Caulker a Dog Loving Island

When I visited Caye Caulker for the first time, I quickly realized that the residents loved their dogs. Dogs have a special place on the island, and in the heart of the islanders, visitors and ex-pats alike! As a dog lover myself, I felt right ...

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The News Just Gets Better And Better In Belize

Belize Travel News! We are excited to announce to the RE/MAX Family that the restrictions on movement here in Belize have been lifted. Now ALL  travelers returning back home to Belize, Tourist and Investors no longer have to apply to enter i...

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Belize – A Canadian’s Perspective.

Oh, Canada! By a Canadian for Canadians looking at Belize Travel, Investments, To Retire & More! So you've finalized those plans. Your research is complete. You are anxiously awaiting the day you get on your WESTJET flight to head down t...

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A Timeline of COVID-19 in Belize

Below is a detailed outline of the coronavirus timeline in Belize. Belize’s tourism had grown over 96% from 2011 to 2018 and was one of the fastest-growing Caribbean destinations. Unfortunately, all that came to a screeching halt with COVID-1...

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Fishing in Belize

Few things in life bring greater joy than seeing a kid’s face light up when they experience something new for the first time. Perhap’s its catching his or her first fish, or first big one for that matter. That look and euphoric feeling neve...

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Belize – A Destination Worth Exploring

We’re all in search of rest, and relaxation; We work hard and need to take much needed time for rest and relaxation. So when we do get some time, isn’t it true we want to escape to a destination that makes us feel as though we are in anothe...

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What to Expect with Belize Real Estate in 2019

As we welcome in a brand new year, many people that live in the northern hemisphere are dreaming of a warm, tropical escape. This is the time of year that more people begin to seriously consider a vacation or retirement property in a sunny ...

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