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Is Ambergris Caye Safe? Motherhood reimagined

Is Ambergris Caye Safe? - You may have already heard about this amazing english speaking nation named Belize. After all, it is a country nested within Central America and perfectly perched on a spectacular 290km Barrier Reef. You may already kn...

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Help with QRP in Belize

By now you’ve probably heard of the QRP in Belize. (Qualified Retirement Program) After looking at your qualifications you may wonder, “Where do I begin?” If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of figuring this out or would just like to m...

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Working Remotely? Make Your Office An Island!

The pandemic inadvertently created a growing new trend that has employees doing the happy dance: working remotely from their favorite island destination. In pre-pandemic time, working remotely was rare, but the pandemic created a new norm ac...

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How we moved from the U.S. to Belize

Moving to Belize - This is a story of one expat’s experience of selling their home and possessions in the United States and moving to the beautiful and welcoming country of Belize. Our Journey Begins - Moving to Belize My journey began with...

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Caye Caulker a Dog Loving Island

When I visited Caye Caulker for the first time, I quickly realized that the residents loved their dogs. Dogs have a special place on the island, and in the heart of the islanders, visitors and ex-pats alike! As a dog lover myself, I felt right ...

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Things To Do In Belize – LIVE LIKE A BELIZEAN

I was born and raised in Belize. I grew up on Ambergris Caye. I grew up in a humble household with people who are kind.  In a country so small and an island even smaller it’s difficult not to have a deep sense of community. As a Belizean bei...

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Raising a Family in Belize at Age 30

Life In Belize - Raising a Family in Belize at Age 30 When I first moved to San Pedro, Belize, I did not know what would come of my future. Would I come and go, like most people who experience wanderlust? Would I spend the rest of my life in t...

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A Timeline of COVID-19 in Belize

Below is a detailed outline of the coronavirus timeline in Belize. Belize’s tourism had grown over 96% from 2011 to 2018 and was one of the fastest-growing Caribbean destinations. Unfortunately, all that came to a screeching halt with COVID-1...

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