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Living in Belize

How Can I Help?

To the RE/MAX Family and Friends. As many of you know and have been personally experiencing yourselves, this recent pandemic has brought on many hardships for people all around the world. Belize and its people have been feeling the effects of ...

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Life In Belize – Raising Children In Belize

Life In Belize - Raising Children In Belize Every parent can attest to the drive and determination we all have in giving our children the best lives possible. Whether it is education or extracurricular activities, nutrition or health. We are ...

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Moving Your Pets to Belize

Moving Your Pets To Belize Touring Ambergris Caye by boat and/or golf cart can be a memorable adventure. If you’re like me Belize will steal your heart and you won’t help but want to spend a good part of your life here. Chances are with ...

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Life In Belize – Picking Sea Grapes

  Life In Belize – Picking Sea Grapes   Oh to be a kid again! Some of the joys of life in Belize are that you get to dig into your inner child and its OK. What do I mean? Let me explain. The other day while driving a...

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Must-Try Restaurants in San Pedro, Belize

As you travel the world no doubt you look for places that can cater not only to your love of life but also to your dietary needs. At times this can be a challenge. One of the things I love most about San Pedro Belize is that with the influx...

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Life in Belize – Growing up on Ambergris Caye

Life in Belize – Growing up on Ambergris Caye Is Ambergris Caye a good place to raise kids? A good place to enjoy life in Belize? This is a question I get often. A great question indeed as those with families should be concerned about ...

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Ambergris Caye Schools

SCHOOLS IN SAN PEDRO, AMBERGRIS CAYE Ambergris Caye has been growing and to date has a population of approx 18,000+ year-round inhabitants, with many newcomers from abroad as streaming in as well. Because of this, we’ve seen an inc...

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Fishing in Belize

Few things in life bring greater joy than seeing a kid’s face light up when they experience something new for the first time. Perhap’s its catching his or her first fish, or first big one for that matter. That look and euphoric feeling neve...

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Belize healthcare questions

My Belize Healthcare Experience

Making Decisions about my Belize Healthcare When I moved to Belize, I left the USA with no health care coverage, and that was a conscious decision that I made.  Prior to moving, my research had told me that Belize healthcare was very inexpe...

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