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Life In Belize – Raising Children In Belize

Life In Belize – Raising Children In Belize

Every parent can attest to the drive and determination we all have in giving our children the best lives possible. Whether it is education or extracurricular activities, nutrition or health. We are responsible for the care and shaping of our little people’s lives.

Let’s break it down, what is it really like raising children in a country with no McDonalds or Target? How about when your child wants to go to Walmart to get that toy he just saw advertised on T.V.? My favorite is when my son asked if we could have his birthday at Chuck E Cheese!

So what is it really like raising a child without all of the “first-class” conveniences….it’s AWESOME!!! No, really. I have a 5-year old that will be completing kindergarten this year and I couldn’t have dreamt up a better life for him.

First of all, let’s talk about the weather. Of course, we have a rainy season and it can get a little cooler in the winter months BUT for the most part, it’s summer every day. That means sandcastles and swimming, shell hunting and lots of golf cart “adventures”.

Next up is nutrition. We have fresh fruits and veggies everywhere here. Mangoes, papaya, watermelon, pineapple, bananas and more make for great healthy snacks. We get our meats fresh from the deli and our vegetables from the stand on the way home. There aren’t any major food chains to be found anywhere in the country. What does that mean? Your children aren’t being exposed to processed foods 24-7…it’s not even an option. When we do “drive-thru” we’re parking our golf cart and ordering rice and beans and stewed chicken to go.

Ok, let’s talk about extracurricular activities. You can participate in dance classes, karate, sailing, music lessons, and other sports in various parts of the country. My son loves to pretend that he’s a ninja so we’ll be signing up for jiu-jitsu next year.

The last thing I’ll touch on is education. Ceasar goes to an amazing school that was preceded by an equally fantastic preschool. The teachers are nurturing, patient and genuinely care for your children. By all counts, he’s learning more than I did at his age and I’m amazed daily at what he comes home having learned. While classroom learning isn’t the be-all and end-all to education, it’s important to have those blocks in place for post-secondary choices. I have no doubt that he’s being provided with what is needed for him to pursue his dreams when the time comes.

So while we may not have a McDonald’s with its playland. And we can’t run out to Walmart to purchase a new toy for Ryan’s instant gratification. I am grateful for what we do have. Crystal clear rivers to spend the day splashing about in when we visit Cayo. The enjoyment of watching dolphins leap beside the boat when we’re fishing in the Caribbean Sea. The never-ending summer days and nights at the beach and the simplicity of the life we are blessed to be living.

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