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Must-Try Restaurants in San Pedro, Belize

As you travel the world no doubt you look for places that can cater not only to your love of life but also to your dietary needs. At times this can be a challenge. One of the things I love most about San Pedro Belize is that with the influx of ex-pats the locals are taking advantage of this and creating businesses that can cater to their needs. Being familiar with the fresh local produce and products they incorporate this knowledge into delicious, fresh and flavorful dishes. What does this mean for you? Imagine living the island life. The appealing slow, chilled and laid back atmosphere. Whether you are a meat eater, a vegetarian or even a vegan, Belize has many options for you. Here are some must-try restaurants in San Pedro, Belize.


I love the idea of trying something new. Origin is the newest addition to our diverse island cuisine. From beetroot hummus to vegan ceviche to oat-chata (a twist on a local drink). The flavors are delicious and a surprise for those trying it for the first time. What’s the secret? It’s made with love. Belizean chef Amber and her sou chef Dorian have created magic in their dishes. Why not try something new? Don’t be surprised if it becomes one of your new favorite spots to eat. Tell them REMAX sent you and get a free drink (agua fresca) with your meal. They are open from 8:00 am to 2:30 so don’t miss them. You can follow them on Instagram @foodsbyorigin. This is definitely a must try on your visit to San Pedro Belize.

If you a looking for a taste of the local flavors while on vacation. Belize has so much to offer in this area. One of the meals it’s most known for is its local stewed meats and rice and beans. I’ve lived 15 years on San Pedro, Belize. I have also traveled all over Belize. Each plate has a different flavor and its own secret ingredients that make it unique. So don’t be afraid to order the same dish at a different restaurant. Experiment to find which local restaurant is your favorite.

El Fogon

Ask any local and they all tell you they prefer to have a stew that has been prepared outdoors on the “Fogon” or fire hearth. Cooking meals using this method adds an extra dimension. The result of this type of cooking is a smoky rich flavor that can’t be compared to one cooked indoors. This was the way the locals use to all prepare their meals back in the day. The older generations still prefer this method of cooking. Although it is not as common with the new generation. If you’re visiting the island of San Pedro, El Fogon is a spot that still cooks its food this way. This is definitely one of my go-to restaurants to meet up with friends or show a visitor the flavors of Belize. This is also one of the spots my family and I will religiously come to on arriving back home from a trip abroad. It always reminds us we are officially home. El Fogon has a mixed menu that includes a lot of local dishes.

My favorites include conch soup, salbutes, and their Belizean Belikin fried chicken. Give it a try. This restaurant is family owned and operated. The staff is friendly and the food is amazing. If you get a chance to go and try it tell them REMAX sent you and get the local discount. You won’t regret it! Enjoy, Buen Provecho!


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