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Life In Belize – Picking Sea Grapes


Life In Belize – Picking Sea Grapes


Oh to be a kid again! Some of the joys of life in Belize are that you get to dig into your inner child and its OK. What do I mean? Let me explain.

The other day while driving along on beautiful Ambergris Caye, my son, observant as he is decided that he wanted a quick snack… Sea grapes! It just so happens that Sea grape trees are absolutely full of fruit at this time of year.

What is a sea grape?

This is a lovely tree found in the tropics. Since its super salt-tolerant, it is often used in sea-side landscaping. Growing sea grapes is pretty easy. Surprisingly they can be grown in sandy soil right on the beach. When in season the tree produces clusters of fruit that resemble grapes. Which makes one wonder, is it edible… I have to say when I first came to Belize I was skeptical, but my wife, who grew up in Central America assured me they were good to eat. I tried them for the first time many years ago and now look forward to each year when the trees bear fruit.

Time For a Climb

Back to the story, my son eager to have some grapes and climb a tree I suppose, directed me to a tree that he said would be full. We got there and sure enough, the tree was loaded. The problem is all of the lower fruits had already been picked. So my son proceeds to climb straight up the tree and started eating and collecting grapes. As he was in the tree he noticed that he wasn’t alone. Up in the tree with him was a large green iguana. No, he wasn’t scared, but thrilled! So, of course, I have to get a closer look as well. I couldn’t get a clear picture from the ground, so I decided to be a monkey and climb up the tree… FUN!! Of course, it drew attention, but no one cared they just wanted us to get some grapes for them as well…


If visiting Ambergris Caye Belize in the upcoming months be sure to try something new and grab some sea grapes. Don’t be shy if you can’t reach the ripe purple ones, just climb up that tree and get em… It’s 100% acceptable to be a kid again! Want a home with your very own seagrape tree? Contact us at REMAX Island Real Estate and one of our agents will help find one with the perfect tree!




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