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Living in Belize

How Do You Know if Living in Belize Is Right for You?

If you’re considering a move out of your native country and to a place that’s laid back and features a temperate climate, then Belize is the right option for you. Still not sure? Here’s a little quiz to help you figure out whether or not ...

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Why Life is Better in Belize

Some of the greatest things about living in Belize may not suit everybody, but for those who are looking for a simpler, more laid-back existence it could be just what the doctor ordered! The list of why things are better in Belize could run on ...

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Not quite a Local, but no longer a Tourist.

I’ve been living on Caye Caulker, Belize, for over five years and am an Agent at RE/MAX Island Real Estate. After you’ve lived here for as long as I have, you are known as a Local Tourist. Not quite a Local, but no longer a Tourist. I...

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Life In Belize – Fishing Adventures

Life In Belize – Deep Drop Fishing Adventures Many  years ago I wondered what life in Belize would be like. Would I tire of everyday life on the Island of Ambergris Caye? Would I get homesick and be ready to head back to the US after o...

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Life In Belize – Playing With Dolphins

  Life In Belize – Playing With Dolphins   Having lived on Ambergris Caye for almost 11 years now, I have had the blessing of seeing so many beautiful things in nature that i would not otherwise have had the opportunity to ...

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Life In Belize – ALTUN HA Day Trip

Life In Belize – ALTUN HA TRIP FROM SAN PEDRO If you’ve had a chance to visit San Pedro, you likely know that it is a perfect place to lounge on the beach.  But if you are looking for an excursion we recommend visiting the mayan r...

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Make Your Belize Homes Beautiful – A Few Tips

5 FLOWERS THAT GROW EASILY IN about it SAN PEDRO If you have indeed purchased a home in belize, you’ll no doubt want to make it beautiful, inside and out. Well having lived here for almost 11 years and trying my hand at different plant...

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Life in Belize – Cafés around San Pedro

  Life in Belize – Cafés around San Pedro Who doesn’t enjoy a great cup of coffee?  Even though it’s warm here in the Caribbean, we can certainly appreciate a good cup of Joe! Recently we have  seen several good Cafés openi...

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