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Living in Belize

Reasons To Live In Belize

Belize is actually a unique place to live.  It is very different from its neighbors in many ways. You may noticing that most of the population of Belize speaks English, and this helps in doing business with convenience. Moreover, some o...

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A Cure for the Homesick Blues

Finally, the decision is made to move to Caye Caulker. You are over the moon with excitement. You connected with our office, scanned homes for sale in Belize, figured out which neighborhoods appealed to you most, and began to plan for life...

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Popular Areas to Live in Belize

The beauty of living in Belize is that there are stretches that have not changed much since the Mayas roamed the sandy beaches. In spite of new buildings and intermingling of cultures and languages, there is a “sameness” about Belize th...

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How Do You Know if Living in Belize Is Right for You?

If you’re considering a move out of your native country and to a place that’s laid back and features a temperate climate, then Belize is the right option for you. Still not sure? Here’s a little quiz to help you figure out whether or not ...

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Why Life is Better in Belize

Some of the greatest things about living in Belize may not suit everybody, but for those who are looking for a simpler, more laid-back existence it could be just what the doctor ordered! The list of why things are better in Belize could run on ...

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Not quite a Local, but no longer a Tourist.

I’ve been living on Caye Caulker, Belize, for over five years and am an Agent at RE/MAX Island Real Estate. After you’ve lived here for as long as I have, you are known as a Local Tourist. Not quite a Local, but no longer a Tourist. I...

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Life In Belize – Fishing Adventures

Life In Belize – Deep Drop Fishing Adventures Many  years ago I wondered what life in Belize would be like. Would I tire of everyday life on the Island of Ambergris Caye? Would I get homesick and be ready to head back to the US after o...

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