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Reasons To Live In Belize

Belize is actually a unique place to live.  It is very different from its neighbors in many ways. You may noticing that most of the population of Belize speaks English, and this helps in doing business with convenience.

Moreover, some of the other factors that really favor lifestyle in Belize are peacefulness and its small size that make the place great. Belize does seem and sound like a small town but it has progressed a lot in the banking sector which has made consumer banking a lot more private and safe. Apart from such perks related to banking and privacy, retiree programs in Belize are also quite attractive. Belize actually encourages people to relocate to Belize and retire here, and this can be assessed by the programs that are in place. Last but not least; Belize is a really beautiful place. It has some breathtaking shores and is also blessed with forests, and these factors contribute to the natural beauty of Belize.

Cost of Living

Belize is not the cheapest place in the world to live in.  Other countries may even have more property to buy at more affordable rates. What must be kept in mind is that Belize has something that many other places do not have, economic stability. This economic stability keeps inflation in control and makes sure that living is not made any more difficult.

If you are moving to Belize from Central America then you will realize that some items and things are actually more expensive. You will need some time to get used to a different pricing system. Keep in mind that many services in Belize are a lot cheaper in comparison. On average a couple should incur monthly expenses of no more than $3000. This amount is considered adequate. But this estimate only includes basic expenses. If you like to travel a lot and like to indulge in leisure activities, then the expenses you incur will be more. If you move on towards the most popular places like Ambergris Caye or Placencia, then you will observe a general rise in prices. This is mainly because things here are imported and the final prices that are charged also include transport costs.


If you are an absolute food lover then you will appreciate Belize a lot. Food can be a bit costly in Belize if you dine in a lavish restaurant. A nice dinner for two might cost up to $45. But there are many cheaper alternatives in Belize that you can get used to. If you are really looking to live on a budget then you should know that you can get a meal for as low as $3. This includes the cost of a beer or a hot beverage.

Other Costs

There are several other costs that you might incur if you live in Belize. All such costs are no different than the costs of living in other areas. Such costs might include garbage disposal, maintenance of the property, such as landscaping and fuel costs.


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