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Why Life is Better in Belize

Some of the greatest things about living in Belize may not suit everybody, but for those who are looking for a simpler, more laid-back existence it could be just what the doctor ordered! The list of why things are better in Belize could run on forever, but here’s a roundup of some of the reasons that most people think made it great enough to make it their forever home:

  1. Cost of Living

Depending on your lifestyle, it can be very affordable to live in Belize. Taking into account your accommodation expenses and day-to-day necessities – and even things that are not so necessary … a couple can probably live quite well for less than two thousand US dollars a month.

  1. Pretty Good Weather

While most tropical nations are hit pretty hard during hurricane season, Belize manages to avoid the worst parts of the weather. It’s something about the aspect that keeps the storms from settling in here, and though they are not exempt from weather, it’s a relatively safe bet overall. Average temperature is about 84˙F, and the rainy season is June through December.

  1. Retirement Made Easy

The department of tourism in Belize spearheaded the Qualified Retirement Program, also known as QRP. This allows citizens of any country the opportunity to retire to Belize early with full residency if they can prove a modest income from either pension or investment sources. As a QRP, you are entitled to income tax free status, and will not pay taxes on any income that originates outside of the country.

  1. English Speaking

Belize is a former British Colony, and as such, many advantages remain from those days. English is the common language, and most business transactions are conducted in English. You’ll also find Creole and Spanish spoken here, but everybody speaks English.

  1. Stable Economy

The US dollar is the accepted currency in Belize, as are Belizean (BZ) Dollars. The one BZ to two USD exchange rate has been stable since the 1970’s and is not likely to change.

  1. You Can Actually Own Property in Belize

Belize land rights operate under the British freehold system, so when you purchase a property, you actually do own it outright.

  1. Lots of Cool Things to Do

If you’re a beach person, you’ll never be at a loss for things to do in Belize. If scuba diving, snorkeling, boating and deep sea fishing, relaxing, enjoying the beach and living life to the fullest, you’ve definitely found your paradise.


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