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A Caribbean Breakfast Experience

No matter where you travel, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you think of breakfast each country has its own take on this meal. Here in Belize, you may be suprised at the options you have to choose from.

Breakfast Tacos

Yes you heard it right tacos for breakfast. These light delicious treats are a common hot pick for the morning rush. The local children eat it right before school. The working class and even the late party goers enjoy these homemade treats. A delicious breakfast that hits the spot.

These little treats consist of a light corn tortilla, filled with slow cooked chicken or pork and seasoned to perfection. You can add onions, cabbage or the local handmade habanero hot sauce. The best part of this is that at the truly local spots you can get 3 of these tacos for only $1 Belize dollar. Yes you heard me right 3 for $.50 us. This is a great treat for those on a budget.

To wash your taco down or to balance the heat from the habanero sauce, they have a variety of fresh local juices. Horchata is a delicious refreshing drink made from rice, cinnamon and sugar. Also available are all natural juices made from watermelon, lime, or even papaya. There is something for everyone.

My favorite part of this morning tradition is to see family’s enjoying a meal together. Strangers and visitors alike sit at family style picnic tables. There is nothing like a good meal to bring people together. Next time you visit Ambergris Caye, Belize plan to experience this local treat.

A spot that is well known by the locals is Neri’s Tacos. It’s located on a small street off of back street in San Pedro Town. Sample the famous tacos. Additionally they have Fried Jacks or a delicious Belizean breakfast consisting of eggs, beans and flour tortillas.

If you’re having trouble finding Neri’s just ask any friendly local and they will point you in the right direction. Enjoy!


Traditional Breakfast

For those of you who enjoy more of a sit down meal look no further than Estel’s by The Sea. It is a great local spot. Here you can enjoy the amazing views of the caribbean sea as well as the live music and great local vibes. I you feel like a big American breakfast or want to sample a local treat you can get it here. A favorite of mine is the light and airy Fried Jack.

What is a Fried Jack?

Well it is best described in one word…heaven.! It’s a piece of flour dough fried like a doughnut that puffs up and creates a pocket that can either be used to dip in your beans or as my son enjoys it, covered in honey or jelly. Many times you can find it stuffed with a variety of things chicken, ham, cheese, beans, eggs and bacon. The options are endless. AS part of your breakfast options you get to choose from whatever style suits you. If you want to bring it all together why not have a delicious mimosa or a killer Bloddy Mary. Estel’s has just what you are looking for so why not give it a try? I promise you won’t regret it.


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