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A Must Try on Caye Caulker










Caye Caulker is a quaint island and popular tourist destination. When you visit the Island, there is no shortage of variety when it comes to restaurants. The options will satisfy anyone’s hunger needs!

We have a plethora of restaurants and street vendors. There is delicious fresh off the grill barbequed chicken, fish and lobster. More traditional homemade Italian pasta dishes and Mediterranean falafels and hummus. Looking for Chinese food, panades, conch fritters or pupusas. Yeah we have that to. One of the beautiful things about Caye Caulker is the diversity that is present. We have various cultures that reside and represent our little island. All that said let me tell you about a new spot.

A Must try On Caye Caulker

The most popular staple in Belizean fare is  stewed chicken, rice and beans with coleslaw or potato salad.  This new restaurant The Anchor serves up some of the best on the island!

The owners Brandon and Julie Simpson came to Belize for a vacation. That led to the decision of owning a business on a tropical island come true! They fused their love of Belizean food together with an American twist to create a simple but diverse menu. The result is well executed dishes that please everyone!

The Anchor is located right at the entrance of the world famous Split and Lazy Lizard Bar. It is open daily except on Tuesdays from 8:00 am to 4:00pm and offers Breakfast and Lunch all day! The chef is a local woman named Annie. She has been cooking up amazing food for over 10 years in various restaurants on the island. Her recipes have a unique, mouthwatering and savory flavor that makes the food at The Anchor next level to most!

Variety of Options

For breakfast they serve everything from stuffed Fry Jacks with eggs, beans and cheese, Spanish eggs, French toast, Burritos, Pancakes, Fruit bowls and Omelettes. Then for lunch there is anything from the awesome Stewed or Fried Chicken to an amazing Veggie Burrito, the biggest burrito on the island! They also offer a refreshing large Garden salad, Chicken or Beef Burgers with fries or coleslaw, Quesadillas, and even Conch or Lobster fritters when in season. This restaurant and it’s wonderful array of food is for sure a Must Try on Caye Caulker!

Something for the Kids

The Anchor also has one of the only kid menus on Caye Caulker that has Mickey Mouse waffles, Mac and Cheese, Chicken Nuggets and PB &J! They have a special treat for the little ones that come in as well! There is a Pirates Treasure chest that is chock full of prizes. The kids get to pick something when they visit. They also offer crayons and coloring books to keep them occupied while you enjoy your  meal!

The Anchor, the New Must Try on Caye Caulker, is definitely one of the top places to hit up when you come to the island! You can sit back and enjoy a refreshing cold beverage and delicious meal as you gaze out onto the crystal clear waters of the stunning Caribbean Sea and the second largest Barrier Reef!

It’s just a plane ticket away and who knows maybe you will end up wanting to come here, buy a business and live the dream as well!


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