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Jeff Bella

Jeff Bella

Jeff Bella is Co-Owner/Broker of Re/Max Island Real Estate with offices on Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker in Belize, Central America. Since 2011, Jeff's been bringing buyers and sellers together and managing their real estate transactions.

Jeff' has lived in Belize for more than 20 years, and throughout those years, he's developed many relationships and seen a lot of change. He can reach out to his connections in various private and public sector offices whether there's a real estate matter at hand or simply a question about an excursion. Jeff can tell you about his personal experiences in Belize as an expatriate, witnessing the incredible growth of tourism, and the exciting opportunities available to those wanting to invest in Belize. He's earned multiple career awards from Re/Max over the years, including the prestigious Hall of Fame award.

Jeff believes in becoming invested in the community in which ones lives, and he's no stranger to creating that connection in San Pedro. Jeff is active in the Special Constable program with the San Pedro Police Department, is a Warden for the United States Embassy in Belize, and serves as a Justice of the Peace. He'll tell you his involvement is about giving back and being there for the residents of his community. Jeff doesn't give back just to his community, he gives back to his clients. He's a trusted advisor, offering his advice and resources to help his clients weave their way through the process of investing and living in Belize.

Jeff grew up along the shores of Lake Michigan in Kenosha, Wisconsin. At a young age, Jeff realized his entrepreneurial spirit working the boat docks at the marina near his home. This spirit led to Jeff becoming a Captain with the United States Coast Guard, owning boats for charter fishing on Lake Michigan, and owning a medical equipment and transport company before making Belize his full-time home and becoming a citizen. Jeff appreciates a fine cigar and glass of wine and digs chatting with friends around a campfire. He's a fan of country music and relates to Kenny Chesney's songs about good times in the Caribbean.

Jeff will tell you he'd rather watch others catch fish these days, but you can still find him in his boat cruising the turquoise waters of Belize listening, of course, to Kenny Chesney.

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