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Beachfront Bargain Hunting on Ambergris Caye

What Makes Belize So Popular

Belize is well known for having all the boxes checked when it comes to real estate investment. Belize is currently one of the most popular destinations in Central America.  Within Belize, Ambergris Caye is the place where most travelers want to be. It’s an English speaking country. The dollar is stable. Belize has strict banking privacy laws. It is easily one of the most laid back places to do business. The cost of living is incredibly reasonable. The quality of life is ideal. It’s perfect for anyone considering purchasing a vacation property.  If you are contemplating jumping into the real estate market – anywhere in the world – Belize may just have the right stuff to help you take the plunge.

Purchasing a property in Belize would allow you to get away whenever you’d like. While still turning your investment into an income.

Investing in Belize

Belize is small, and not densely populated. For a serious investor, there are plenty of properties available that will deliver a high return for relatively little investment. There are property owners who are motivated to sell or developers who are offering pretty sweet deals for the first to buy in. Either way, you’re pretty much guaranteed a great property that is yours to rent out, lease or live in – the world is your oyster! By turning your property into income, it could easily pay for itself many times over before (or if) you ever decide to sell. Hence, free vacation home, free retirement home, however you want to look at it, it’s FREE!

Choose the Right Property

Purchasing property is not as far out of reach as you might think. Keep in mind that the closer to the water you are, the more desirable it is as a rental property. Also, the more money you can make. On Ambergris Caye, the further you get from San Pedro Town, the more remotely populated it is. Privacy and seclusion are coveted commodities and can really help to grow your bottom line through the rental market.

It’s All About the Details

No detail is too small. To maximize your rental income, put some time and thought into your decorating and amenities. True luxury is something people will always pay for. Modern kitchens and bathrooms, good quality furniture and well thought out décor will always add value to a property. Consider offering extras, like kayaks, bicycles or paddleboards. This will make your investment property stand out from the rest.

Put some time into exploring the island. Ambergris Caye has it all in terms of delivering a return on your investment: location, location, location! Paradise is here, waiting for you. All you have to do is make the most of it. We here at REMAX Island Real Estate are ready to help.


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