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Belize – A Canadian’s Perspective.

Oh, Canada! By a Canadian for Canadians looking at Belize Travel, Investments, To Retire & More!

So you’ve finalized those plans. Your research is complete. You are anxiously awaiting the day you get on your WESTJET flight to head down to paradise! Is the excitement building? It should be! Prepare yourself for the vacation of a lifetime AND the promise that you will fall in love with THE most beautiful country in the Caribbean!

You will be welcomed with open arms, smiling faces, amazing hospitality. Belizeans are the most gracious and giving community south of the Canadian Border. I can guarantee those thoughts of retirement, or a permanent life-changing move will begin to dance in your head on your first day. It’s that spectacular. Trust me… I’ve seen it a hundred times. I’ll witness it a hundred more because that’s exactly what happened to this prairie grown girl right here. I’m going to give you a little insight into a part of the tropical experience that awaits you and yours!

What To Pack

First off you definitely want to pack light, it’s the Caribbean after all. Shorts, t-shirts, tanks, summer dresses, swimwear, sunscreen, a hat and you’re favorite Raptors or NHL team gear…the Winnipeg Jets are always proudly repped by Manitobans visiting…I spot them a mile away every time…GO JETS GO! There are plenty of locally owned stores to support if you forget something, or you need to top up on your sunscreen supply. Also, it’s humid here so think the Maritimes or the West Coast in summer, with beautiful breezy evenings, light linens, or light cotton are your best bets.

Cool Treats

There are plenty of treats and sweets to help beat the heat. At home we have slurpees kids and adults alike love them right?! Belize has “shaved ice”, think of a snow cone and that’s what I’m talking about. Freshly shaved ice topped with your syrup of choice, my son’s favorite (he’s 6) is blue-raspberry but they have “tigers blood” a variety of fruit flavors, and more.


For you adults out there we have a Piña Coladas, blended Margaritas, Daiquiris, and dozens of other bevies for you to partake in at any of the amazing restaurants you’re sure to visit. At home we have freezies and here we have “ideals”, a delicious blend of dairy and fruit that is a hit with kids and adults alike. There are paletas (popsicles) choco-bananas (chocolate covered bananas that are frozen) and Fanta in glass bottles. Who doesn’t remember pic a pop? Lime, orange, pineapple-flavored icy, cold, bubbly goodness available for a dollar at all of the convenience and grocery stores.


You will find new favorite dishes that you may even try to replicate at home because they are soooo delicious. Rice and beans and stewed chicken, tamales, ducunu, black dinner (soup made with ground pork and boiled egg stuffed in a chicken with black recado) …so so good!!!  So many options for about $5 US dollars at the little family-owned delis and restaurants. You can order it to go, hop on your cart, and enjoy a beach picnic with the family Belizean style.


There are plenty of fantastic activities for the whole family to partake in. Scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, mainland tours, cave tubing, jet skiing, para-sailing, historical ruins, waterfalls…there are far too many to list but you get the idea right?!

So start the countdown until your arrival, now have a bit of a better idea what awaits you in paradise. When those colder days are starting to get you down just remember that the beautiful warm, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean are right here waiting to welcome you with salt-filled kisses and the entire country is waiting to welcome you with open arms.

Written By  Lisa Quiroz

Lisa W. Quiroz, San Pedro Belize Real Estate Agent
Phone: 832.675.9930
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