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Belize – A Destination Worth Exploring

We’re all in search of rest, and relaxation; We work hard and need to take much needed time for rest and relaxation. So when we do get some time, isn’t it true we want to escape to a destination that makes us feel as though we are in another world.

The questions is, where? With so many travel options these days it’s hard to narrow the search. What I will tell you is that a destination worth exploring is the country of Belize! It stole my heart over 15 years ago and still continues to surprise me with new adventures and it’s seemingly never ending diversity. From the hidden gems and the mysterious world of the ancient Mayans in the mainland of Belize to the coastal areas and islands of Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker and more, you’ll certainly find your escape.

Belize snorkeling travel ambergris caye

So what are some things that make one area stand out as better from another?
It’s all about how we feel when we are there. The people we meet, The food we enjoy, ( I can’t say enough about the food in Belize, but that’s for another blog post) the memories we create…

belize cuisine

All of this is what makes Ambergris Caye, Belize a place we keep coming back to and a place if you’ve never explored needs to be on the list!

Belize is just a little speck on the map, but certainly not little in what it can offer it’s visitors. From Mayan ruins to Caribbean flavors, to beautiful pristine waters Belize has something for everyone. So take a moment to explore what Ambergris Caye, Belize has to offer you!!!

romantic eves in belize

If you absolutely love it, as I’m sure you will, why not consider staying longer, make it your home away from home. The Belize Real Estate market has homes and condos for sale in price points that fit just about any budget. Contact us at REMAX Island Real Estate, we are happy to help.


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