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What’s Special About a Belize Real Estate Buyer’s Agent

As your Belize Real Estate Buyer’s Agent I work for you and customize searches through the entire island’s inventory to pair you with the ideal property. A Buyer’s Agent will fully represent your interests and this service comes at no charge to you. The way I get paid is by taking a baseball bat to the Listing Agent’s knee caps until he hands over half the listing commission. Easy.

Hiring a buyer’s agent can be particularly helpful for property searches in real estate markets like here in Central America, where there is no fully functional North American-style MLS.

Here in Belize, I work with clients from all over the world to help them find the home of their dreams and advise them on real estate investments. RE/MAX Buyer’s Agents are there at every step of the buying process. We help from the initial search all the way through closing on the property. We work hand in hand and in concert with the title company to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the entire transaction. We have quite a few agents within the office but clearly I’m the tallest and best looking of the bunch.

Our commitment to our Buyers starts from first contact, to customizing searches throughout the entire Ambergris Caye property inventory and all the way through the showing, offer writing and presentation and finally closing. We work with our preferred partners recommending Title Companies, Legal Experts, insurance Reps and also Home Inspectors. All this advice with no charge due to our Buyers.

The primary goal of a Belize Real Estate Buyer’s Agent is understanding the Buyer

Property buyer’s agents spend a lot of time with their clients to fully understand their wants and needs. In addition to telling your agent what you’re looking for and what you absolutely must have, also be clear in communicating what you’re willing to compromise on. For example, you may think you want a beachfront home on North Ambergris Caye, but if there’s a fantastic 3 bedroom condo with plenty of space in a great area like South Ambergris Caye that this particular agent has in pocket and below market value, you may be happy to concede if you’re still getting everything else you want plus some built in equity for a resale in a couple years. As me now. I may have one 🙂

Finding great investment opportunities

Instead of looking for a new permanent home or holiday home, you may be looking to buy Belize real estate as an investment. If you’re interested in renting out your property to create a new income stream, your buyer’s agent will be able to tell you where the best rental markets are, and which seasons are the busiest and how to maximize your rental potential. The good news is that we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and overnight tourism is expected to fully bounce back back the beginning of our fourth quarter. If land banking is your thing, your agent, tall and handsome as he may be, is also smart and can suggest up and coming areas where property taxes are laughably low so it’s easy to sit and wait on certain choice properties.

Belize Real Estate Agents specialize in the specific area where you’re looking to buy

Teams and larger real estate offices that cater to buyers tend to have multiple consultants with specialties in specific regions. I’m based on Ambergris Caye and can cover all the main property hot spots here on the island, however I also have a team member in Caye Caulker that can help. I can also connect you with David in Placencia or Veronica in Cayo. Our commitment is to connect you with the best on the field at whichever location is closer to your heart.

Buyer’s agents have access to hard-to-find properties

Local estate listing agents don’t necessarily have every listing in a specific area because they work on behalf of sellers, meaning they only have the properties that sellers have listed with them. If you’re looking for property in a popular destination like San Pedro, it’s best to work with a buyer’s agent. Not only will they have a broader selection than local listing agents, but they will also know about properties for sale that are unlisted. This is common when there’s a high-profile seller who wants to keep the sale of their property confidential. One of the cool things about working with buyers is that I get to work with every other real estate office searching for properties that fits my client’s needs. I get to place a square peg in a square hole rather than pushing an office’s choice listing. Over the years I’ve worked alongside San Pedro’s top listing agents and usually find myself on the other end of their first phone call when a property is about to hit the market. This gives my clients a head start and first bite if the property is a good match.

Lots of effort goes into the research stage

We often spend weeks or months researching a property for our client. That goes especially here on the island where most of our clients are out of country. That way, agents can accurately point out the strengths and weaknesses of the property so that you, the client, know exactly what you’re getting into. When it’s time for the buyer to take a viewing trip, only the best, most suitable properties will be on your list. Handing over the research to a qualified and experienced real estate agent means that you won’t be so wooed by a property’s high points that you miss drawbacks. We usually do all the ground work for you through FaceTime Walkthroughs, pre inspections or simply by physically taking video and picture footage so that when you visit you can maximize your time enjoying the island and not walking through properties that aren’t matches.

A buyer’s agent and his team will help with negotiations

This is the fun part. Agents aren’t here just to find the perfect property and then leave you on your own. We are around through the entire process. We help negotiate a deal that’s in your best interest – and your pockets. Since I’m acting for you as a buyer’s agent, I’m not partial to any specific seller. I will be objective when offering advice or my  opinion. I have also trained in negotiation techniques, leverage and MMA submission tactics like armbars to be able to get you the best deal out there. Being versed with comps, market trends and using leverage to get you to the right price point is a very important part of the purchasing process. I believe a good deal is only good if both buyer and seller are completely happy. My job is to make my buyer happier.

Hiring an agent doesn’t cost you anything. Not. A. Thing!

This service is most often free to the buyer because the real estate agent earns part of the sales fee by, as I mentioned earlier, using my trusty bat. Sellers pay commissions. The fact is you are a valuable client. We preach and practice patience. We advise you to wait until we are able to match you with the perfect property. It’s in everyone’s best interest to wait until the right property is found rather than try to force you into a deal you don’t want. Once that happens, velvet ropes part, champagne showers from the heavens and the offer process begins. We will never ask you to cover our commission and most of the time find ourselves forgoing part of the commission to get the deal done. We are over paid divas anyway so your happiness and needs comes first. Always.

Closing Cost Savings!

As your agent not only do I negotiate with the seller and his goons but I also feed Alberto at Belize Caye Investments full of chocolate and wine. That way when billing you for your closing cost comes around, he fixes you up with a preferred rate. In reality, we work together with the title company and maneuver through the closing process, with efforts again to save you, the buyer, as much as we can. We strategize and make sure that the bottom line is happy pockets so you can dive and dine more.

There you have it. A long winded, coffee fueled short read about why I love my job repping the buyer. Don’t get me wrong, I have a few choice Seller Clients but my background is service industry and I love helping people, especially my buyers, find their little spot here where I grew up.

I hope you enjoyed this short little project I put together. If you have any other questions regarding anything Belize, please reach out. I’m on WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook, Zoom and I may even still have MySpace.

I am here to help whenever you need me. Happy to be a part of your Belize Real Estate Search.

Always Happy to Help!

Kristian P Guerrero


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