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Belize Real Estate Investment – How to Get the Biggest Returns

So the question that we Belize real estate investment professionals get on a regular basis is, “What is the best way to invest in Belize?” The reality is there is no one simple answer. Every buyer or investor has goals that they intend to reach when it comes to their purchase. Some wish to not only invest but they want to have a place to come and visit. Who can blame them? Of course, its part of the fun of owning in this country. Some simply want to diversify their portfolio and are looking for the biggest returns with the least amount of work.  And still others are more adventurous and want big returns and are not afraid to spend a little time and work for it. Therefore again, no one way to do it.

There are many good ways to invest in this ever growing Belize real estate market. As an avid investor, I will share ways to do well investing, regardless of which category you fit into.

I want to invest but want a place to stay as well

For those who wish to invest but at the same time want to use their property, what can you do? There are a host of great options, really you just need to do your homework. Its not only about finding a property that you love, but also one that will be able to generate the returns you are looking for. Your options aren’t limited. The reality is you can do well with rentals whether it is a home or a condo. Something to consider is the fact that every development has a different management company therefore management splits differ. Finding one that works well with you as an owner is important. This way you can maximize your rental returns.

See Below the trends for tourism in Belize. As an investor you’ll like what you see.



Return on Belize Real Estate Investment with Little to No Work Involved

OK, is this even possible? Yes, it actually is. With the market continuing to trend upward and the development of different areas, knowing where to invest can make you huge returns. For instance an area that was starting to get hype in 2015/16 was Ambergris Bay. (AKA Secret Beach area) Back then beachfront was being sold for $700 – $1,200 per linear foot of beachfront. Today these same properties are selling for $2,500 – $3,000 per linear foot of beachfront. Of course there are still great deals to be found on the entire island that will give very similar returns. You just have to know where to look. One of our RE/MAX Agents can help!

Big Returns in a Short Time

This is the way that I personally invest, but let me say that it will require your time and attention. The best way to do this is by searching out well priced land, which is desirable and close to all the amenities and building a spec home. Beach properties are the best for this as its what most buyers are looking for. The problem we have in our market is finding an existing home on the water at a reasonable price. They are few and far in between. Most are priced anywhere from $800k+. When you do find one in the hot zone of say $450-$550k they either sell very fast or need extensive repairs. However the reality is a beach house can be built for a lot less than the prices above. How?

Custom Built Homes

Finding a well priced lot is the first step. This is where you put your agent to work. There are times when great deals come along, if your agent is is able to find one like this, you’ll want to move fast. Getting a great deal on a parcel of land will only increase your returns and give you a bit more cash on hand for those touches that make a house sell fast!  The next step is knowing the right contractors, which is by far the most important part of the process. The rest is fairly simple from there. The end result? BIG RETURNS! And if you are like me the desire to get started on the next one. Many of our agents have done this and are happy to share their experience and knowledge.

Whatever your investment goals are, we at RE/MAX Island Real Estate are standing by ready to assist.


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