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Belize Top 5 Places to Retire in The World

Are you looking to retire soon? International Living (IL), a magazine and website devoted to expat living and retirement overseas knows where your retirement money could stretch a little further. As well as allow you to savor a happy and comfy way of living.

Here’s the list of the top overseas places for retirement as reported by About Home (listed in alphabetical order):


Belize still proves to be one of the best places to retire in the world. Belize’s cost of living is higher compared to other places in the Caribbean. Still, there are many benefits to living there.

Enjoy the beautiful beaches and a small-town living vibe with the perfect climate year round. Just south of Mexico, Belize also has a secure banking system that favors foreign investors. Retirees can also enjoy tax-free income for money they earn outside the country.

If you still aren’t convinced, retirees can actually import goods without fee or penalty through their Qualified Retired Person (QRP) program, a program especially set-up for retirees’ interests.


According to IL, Brazil has cheaper real estate prices like beachfront properties compared to other tropical destinations like Belize or other parts of Mexico. The economy is also on the rise which means more opportunity for investments. Brazil also prides its rich culture and beautiful landscape such as the Amazon Basin.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most expensive countries in Central and South America. Although Costa Rica’s cost of living is still cheaper compared to that of Northern America and other European countries. Just $1000-$2000 USD monthly budget to sustain a nice lifestyle.

IL also recognizes Costa Rica to have one of the highest life expectancies in the world. It also has excellent universal health care which makes it a perfect place for retirees.

People can enjoy a great beachside community and at the same time live in confidence with the stable economy and a strong history of democracy.


Cuenca, a volcano-surrounded place in Ecuador, was recognized by IL to be the best city to retire in the world. Apart from the temperate climate and rich culture, it is also the least expensive city to live in (less than $17 000 per year).

Ecuador has a diverse eco-system with the Amazon and the Galapagos in the borders, but its most kept treasure is its people. They are kind, generous, warm and welcoming which make it a top must-visit or retirement place.


Retirees can find properties under $100 000 in France. The place offers the world’s best health care (but retirees need to buy private insurance), a rich culture, and moderate climates.

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