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How to Prepare Your Property for Short-Term Guests

When you rent out your home or condo to short-term guests, you can't simply hand your guests the keys and expect everything to take care of itself. To operate a successful rental, it's all about "failure to prepare is preparing to fail". I know...

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Like in North America, there is a process. Over the years we at RE/MAX Island Real Estate have been leaders - and if we can use a fancy word - Trail Blazers, in stream lining the process for our clients. We secure services from trained and l...

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Is Ambergris Caye Safe? Motherhood reimagined

You may have already heard about this amazing english speaking nation named Belize. After all, it is a country nested within Central America and perfectly perched on a spectacular 290km Barrier Reef. You may already know that this Barrier Reef ...

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Luxury Brands impact on the Belize Real Estate Market

I moved to San Pedro Town on the island of Ambergris Caye, on January 2nd of 2017. At that time, the island was beginning to see a shift in it’s long past of Mom-and-Pop vacation rentals. As a 26-year-old then, with no international real esta...

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Welcome to Casa Coccoloba

By staying with us, you are now part of our Belize adventure! How did two teachers from the Boston area end up investing in Ambergris Caye? We came to Belize for the first time in 2001 without a travel plan beyond landing in Belize City. Af...

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Help with QRP in Belize

By now you’ve probably heard of the QRP, Qualified Retirement Program. After looking at your qualifications you may wonder, “Where do I begin?” If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of figuring this out or would just like to make things ...

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Make Your Second Home an Island Home

  I’ll tell you a secret about many owners of island homes—the island isn’t their primary residence. At least, not yet! Think of an island real estate investment as obtaining a dreamy ‘home away from home’ until you’re re...

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Working Remotely? Make Your Office An Island!

The pandemic inadvertently created a growing new trend that has employees doing the happy dance: working remotely from their favorite island destination. In pre-pandemic time, working remotely was rare, but the pandemic created a new norm ac...

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How we moved from the U.S. to Belize

This is a story of one expat’s experience of selling their home and possessions in the United States and moving to the beautiful and welcoming country of Belize. Our Journey Begins My journey began with my husband and I wanting to move out ...

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