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Caye Caulker a Dog Loving Island

When I visited Caye Caulker for the first time, I quickly realized that the residents loved their dogs. Dogs have a special place on the island, and in the heart of the islanders, visitors and ex-pats alike! As a dog lover myself, I felt right at home!

I’ve lived on Caye Caulker for 10 years. Yes, it’s been ten years already! It’s still a common sight to see a pooch laying in the middle of the street taking a nap, whilst the traffic takes a little detour around him. No blaring horns or impatient drivers. This is a normal occurrence. After all, Caye Caulker is known as the “Go Slow” island!

Nearly all the friendly dogs that you see in the village greeting you, have permanent homes. If they don’t, they have someone who has unofficially adopted them. Regularly offering them food, shelter, and care. Some of the local businesses even offer the dogs food and water at their business each day!

Those with the ability to roam freely, have their favorite hangouts, just like we do! They leave the house in the morning with their owner and then take a leisurely walk about. They meet up with their bff’s, and spend the day greeting tourists and making new friends! They get lots of love and attention, and a few treats too, if they’re lucky! At the end of the workday, they’ll inevitably find their owner and head back home!

Caye Caulker is fortunate to have a Humane Society office/clinic that’s open every Saturday morning. They also hold spay/neuter clinics, and provide community education. This is a much appreciated service for all of the animals and their owners on the Caye! Caring tourists and returning ex-pats often bring collars, treats, and many other dog related items when they visit the Caye. They leave these at the clinic to be given away as needed.

When I decided to move here, I brought my two Yorkies with me. They are my family, and I wouldn’t have made the move without them!

Bringing a dog into Belize is a simple process. Just be sure to coordinate and clear everything with the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) before you arrive, and if flying, coordinate it with the airlines.

Contact the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) for entry requirements.
If you travel with your pet frequently, you can also get your dog a pet passport.

For more information about Caye Caulker contact Aria Kat

Phone: 1.305.894.6745
Mobile: 501.626.9818


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