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A Day Out in San Pedro Belize

fishing in san pedro belize boy with fish

Who says you need a sunny day to enjoy a day out on the water…? The past week here in San Pedro Belize has had its share of gloomy, rainy days. But don’t let that stop you from having some water fun off the coast of Ambergris Caye. Sure you might not get a tan, but you can still have a great day of fishing adventures. You can also snorkel around the world’s second largest barrier reef. The underwater views are always amazing. You may just want to get crazy and jump off a pier.
We started the day wondering what we should do…My son who loves fishing suggested we go out and have some fun…Who could argue with that! We started our adventure poking around the reef for some conch. They are great for ceviche ( a local dish where conch is marinated in lime juice and complemented by a host of veggies), but they also make great bait for fishing. While we were gathering a few conchs we noticed we had company. A barracuda about 3.5 feet in length was trailing us. He followed us the entire time we were in the water, a very nosy fish! My son had the idea that we should try to catch him. That sounded like fun, so we threw a lure out and on the third cast…Bam…Fish on! My son reeled him in ( Like a pro I might add) for a good 15 minutes. A great start to our adventure.

snorkeling in San pedro belize starfish

Throughout the week we had more overcast rainy days. But that didn’t stop us from having some fun. We went to our favorite wading spot, a short boat ride to a spot with a white sandy bottom. We swam for hours. Along the way, the kids spotted starfish and were eager to snap a few photos. We relaxed on the boat, enjoyed good snacks and good company. Sure there were times when we were a bit chilly when the sun wasn’t out, but I’d have to say, it was a great week. There is always something to do, even on what seems like an ugly day!!!

fun in San pedro belize at ramons dock

There is a reason why tourism in Belize is steadily on the rise. San Pedro Belize and Ambergris Caye was voted #1 two years in a row by Trip Advisor. If you have not had the opportunity to come see the beauty and adventures that this country has to offer, this is definitely one of those trips that should be on your bucket list.


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