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Financing Options For Buying Property in Belize

VENI, VIDI, VICI…I came, I saw, I …wait ….we’ll eliminate the last bit. You’ve come, you’ve seen and are now undeniably in love with Belize. Welcome to the club! You’ve made the decision to purchase. The reason could be investment purposes, a permanent move, or retirement plans. Regardless, you need to have your “ducks in a row” so to speak. Not everyone has tens, hundreds, or thousands of dollars available for Buying property in Belize. Not in their bank, under the mattress, or anywhere for that matter! Don’t get discouraged.  There are plenty of other options available to help you in your quest of obtaining your slice of paradise.

Owner Financing

There are properties available with owners willing to finance the purchase on their terms. Of course terms and interest rates vary by seller and circumstance. For example, you find a property for $50,000 that has your name written all over it.  You already have the blueprints (in your mind of course) ready for editing and you’ve begun to imagine the landscaping! One little problem, you don’t have all the cash available at the moment and you are unable to obtain monies through your bank. You reach out to your agent to let them know that you have to put your dreams on hold…your agent comes back with the great news that the owner is willing to finance, perfect! Finance terms are a minimum of 10% down ($5,000) and monthly payments at 6% over a 10 year period (roughly $500/month) with no prepayment penalties. Your finances could change over time and you are able to pay it off sooner.  Maybe you win the lottery. Either way, you’ve secured the perfect property and your dreams! The “agreement” is filed with the lands department here in Belize to protect both buyers and sellers. The title transfer is complete once the final payment has been made, congratulations!

This is just one of the many potential scenarios. The best way to assist you in realizing your dreams is, to be honest with your agent.  Let us know what you can afford in terms of down payment and monthly payments. Yes, it is that simple. We will handle the rest and present you with options so that you can realize your dream!

For Our American Friends – Use of 401K’s, IRA and other Investments

It is possible for you to dip into your retirement savings so that you can begin making and finalizing your retirement plans. Maybe you’re a savvy investor and realize the appreciation values are too good to pass up! Whatever the motivation,  we are happy to discuss the potential options with you. We can put you in contact with an outstanding, professional advisor in the US to help explain the endless possibilities. You could use your investments as collateral to obtain a line of credit.  You may have the option of getting a second mortgage. You could use your non-registered investments or accounts as a means to purchase. You may also want to check your own bank. See how they can assist you since they have the longest-standing financial relationship with you.

For Our Candian Friends- Non-Registered Investments and Lines of Credit

While we aren’t able to use our RRSP’s in quite the same way as our southern neighbors’ retirement savings plans, we do have options available to us to help bring our Island Living Dreams to fruition. You could use your TFSA accounts to purchase here. Much the same you could re-mortgage your home, get a second mortgage, or use any non-registered investments as collateral towards a line of credit that would allow you to fulfill your dreams. You could also reach out to HSBC, they deal in international mortgages, yes that’s a thing, it’s as simple as filling out an online application and voila, aussi simple que sala, easy as that!

Whatever your current financial circumstances may be, we will do our absolute best to ensure that you are given every possible avenue and option to help fulfill your dreams!

Written By: Lisa Quiroz, San Pedro Agent

Lisa W. Quiroz, San Pedro Belize Real Estate Agent


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