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House versus Condo in Belize : Which is better for You?

With the recovery of the Belize real estate market in full swing, there is no better time than now to pick up a residence for vacations or retirement years. You have selected this tropical paradise as the location of choice to retire and or vacation.  Now you must choose between a single-family home or condominium before beginning the purchase process. Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each option can help envision yourself in one of these two residential property layouts. This way you will be able to identify your best option.

Single Family Home

A single-family home sits on its own land, physically disconnected from other dwellings in the area. This residential property layout offers freedom from the restrictions that come with residing in a multi-family dwelling, but the drawbacks may not fit into the lifestyle expectations of some buyers.

Benefits of Purchasing a House in Belize

Single-family homes offer immense privacy due to the separation from neighbors and tourists alike.  In addition to enjoying total privacy, homes give buyers a chance to customize the space to their liking. Buyers may increase the footprint of the home by building an addition or even construct a swimming pool or large garden in the backyard.  If you’re looking for a more private oasis, then checking out houses for sale in Belize may be just right for you!


The ability to build a large garden in the backyard of a single-family property is tempered a bit by the need to continually maintain the grounds around the home. Buyers who would rather leave that task to professionals may prefer a condominium. Typically the landscaping is included in the purchase price and yearly dues. Houses for sale throughout Belize typically have a larger footprint than condominiums do. As a result, buyers may end up paying increased utility costs to keep the place cool in the warm climate.


The majority of condominiums in Belize run along the waterfront to attract buyers. This way they can have the full tropical paradise experience.  Many condominium communities feature dozens of interconnected homes and shared grounds with amazing amenities. When buyers choose condominiums, they elect to live within the community restrictions. They also enjoy the benefits of an adjoined residential layout.

Benefits of Purchasing a Condo in Belize

The interconnected layout of condominium communities makes it nearly impossible to go a day without seeing the neighbors. Therefore, condo owners tend to develop close relationships with neighbors, which creates a tight-knit atmosphere for all residents. As buyers develop close friendships with their fellow residents, the condo quickly begins to feel like home.

To add to the pleasant atmosphere, condominiums have a wide range of amenities spread across the community space. Outdoor amenities may include swimming pools with integrated bars, hot tubs, sports courts, fitness centers, and business hubs. Residents may also enjoy onsite rental services for bicycles, kayaks and golf carts while living in their condo.


Every decision that affects the entire condo community must be weighed by all of the residents on-site. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to make changes without including the group in the decision-making process. Furthermore, community members must abide by the overarching restrictions to keep the living space comfortable and accommodating for all. Condo association rules may control outdoor décor, amenity usage, and rental rules.  Additionally, condo owners give up a lot of privacy in exchange for this experience.

The choice between houses and condos for sale in Belize is a personal one that must be made by each individual buyer before moving through the real estate purchase process. To begin this journey toward Belize property ownership, contact the team at RE/MAX Island Real Estate today.


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