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Kitesurfing Belize

kitesurfing belize

Likely you’ve gotten wind of the buzz about San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.. Been considering a trip or perhaps even considering making this a second home..? Some of the concerns I have heard is that you might get bored.. Really one can only sit on the beach and sip on Pina Coladas for so long right?.. Not to worry! There are so many things here to keep you busy, especially if you are a little adventurous, like myself. Something that has become super popular on the island ( especially in light of the windy March/ April months) is the sport of kitesurfing.

The other day while I was on my lunch break there were 2 adventure seekers taking advantage of the elements today. To me it seemed too windy but for them it was perfect weather to pump their kite wings and stretch their strings. You could see the excitement all over their faces. It got me to thinking, especially since I love to try new things, this was something I had to try very soon.

Initially they were on by the beach practicing their lift with only the kite. Shortly after, they seem confident enough to plunge into the water and their exciting adventure. As I watched from the distance on the shoreline they drifted off to the deeper water to avoid, I suppose the docks?

Our island is situated near the reef separating the open sea and creating the perfect water flats for kite surfing paradise. We have excellent beach launch sites around the island into the waters with plenty of space free from obstacles. The bay is perfect for high speed, smooth water runs.

Well as I mentioned, I was impressed, so i had to try it, or at least the kite flying part of it. (For Now) Luckily one of my buddies had a trainer kite that you can use to learn how to control the kite. The first step .. We decided to head for the bay and make a day of it. we brought everything we need for a good picnic. Food, drinks and good freinds… As we headed to the white sandy beaches of the west coast we spotted a pod of dolphins, a great way to start the day..

We found a spot perfect to have a picnic, set up and then got to flying the trainer kite.. It was awesome! You can truly appreciate the power of the wind, while working to control the kite.. It didn’t take too long before I had the hang of it.. Soon after my 8 year old son gave it a try and did awesome..Even better than me, i was super proud! Well this was just the start, eventually I’ll get some lessons so as to get to the point of strapping on a board and giving it a go…

There are a few shops in town that offer kite surfing lessons. So if you get here and you find it to be a bit windy, give this a try, you’ll be glad you did.


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