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Secret Beach Parcel Listed at $115K USD
Secret Beach Parcel Listed at $115K USD
Secret Beach Parcel Listed at $115K USD
Secret Beach Parcel Listed at $115K USD
Secret Beach Parcel Listed at $115K USD
Secret Beach Parcel Listed at $115K USD
Secret Beach Parcel Listed at $115K USD
Secret Beach Parcel Listed at $115K USD

Property Details

MLS #SB-8814Size100 x 100 Feet

Property Description

Parcel 8814 is an oversized lot that measures 100ft by 100ft. It is but a mere 2 minute walk to the infamous Secret Beach. This Property is one row away from the main road that leads to Secret Beach - which means perfect location away from the traffic, with the ability to create privacy, still with close proximity to the beach and with a property this size, it allows for a myriad of possibilities.

But why Secret Beach?

Secret Beach has become one of the major tourist attractions here in Belize. Most visitors who visit the island will at some point venture to Secret Beach to enjoy the pristine waters, white sandy beaches and the stretch of restaurants and bars all along. It's surely something for everyone.

As a result of this, the real estate surrounding Secret Beach has become highly sought after and in just a few short years this area has been booming and blooming!

All of my clients that have bought in this area are very happy with their investment, and those who have decided to flip their properties have been able to enjoy substantial returns on their investment.

Most who invest in the area are doing a variety of things: from simply buying and holding, buying and flipping and offering owner financing to benefit from interest rates, to building residential and income earning projects. Because this area has only just started getting a lot of attention in the last few years, the development has only truly skyrocketed over the last couple of years, because of this, there is still so much that does not exist, which only means OPPORTUNITY!

There are lots of projects being planned from individuals who own here and groups of investors and developers. This is still only the beginning of what is to come of this rapidly growing area. My suggestion would be to secure property here now, and reap the benefits later. These properties will be at their most affordable today and there is no time like the present.

Email me to find out more about this or any other real estate opportunities on the island.

Property Type Land

Property Status:For Sale

Property Features

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