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Places to Visit in Belize – Off the Beaten Path

Places to Visit in Belize - travel belize

Places to Visit in Belize

Belize is beautiful and tropical with one of the most laid-back atmospheres that you’ll find on earth. It’s a small gem of a place that’s easily accessible whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway, a month-long escape or a gorgeous new place to call home.

Although small, Belize packs a big punch when it comes to adventure. The country is filled with lesser known and undiscovered spots that will transport you out of the ordinary world and into one of wonder and excitement. Some of our favorite places in Belize can be found on the roads less traveled. Here are a few of the best places to visit in Belize that are off the beaten path from the traditional touristy options.

Secret Beach in Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye has a reputation that attracts plenty of traffic. But, the fact that it’s a hot spot for those visiting Belize doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with its own quiet gems. One such destination is Secret Beach.

In Ambergris Caye, the primary mode of transportation is by golf cart. This means that not every visitor is going to be up for a 45 minute or so, bumpy cart ride to one of the most beautiful beaches in Belize. The trip out to the Secret Beach is an adventure, but once you arrive you’ll find a true tropical paradise where you’ll find a few other adventurous souls enjoying the crystal waters and local beachfront cocktails.

Take in the Belize Zoo

While many visitors associate Belize with sandy beaches and pristine waters, the small Central American country is the place that many extraordinary animal species call home. If you love animals and wildlife, a trip to the Belize Zoo is a point of interest that should definitely be on your list.

The Belize Zoo houses animals that have been orphaned, rehabilitated, rescued and donated. You’ll find pumas, margays and even jaguars. For a true off the beaten path adventure, check out the zoo for a night time visit and observe the animals after dark.

Take a Surf Break

Belize hasn’t always been known for surfing, but with the right direction, it’s easy to find the perfect, less-discovered surf spot. One of the best locations for Belize surfing exists at a break located at Long Caye at Glover’s Reed.

Swells average 3 to 4 feet but can break higher at nearly 10 feet on a windy day. It’s almost impossible not to catch a break at this beach, and they can roll for several hundred yards, making for a nice, long ride.

Chill in Caye Caulker Belize

Caye Caulker is an island off mainland Belize. It’s larger than its neighboring island San Pedro, but still small enough that it doesn’t make the list of first stops for many visitors. This is their mistake.

The atmosphere on Caye Caulker is incredibly relaxed, but you’ll find plenty of opportunities for adventure, like snorkeling on the second largest barrier reef in the world or a trip to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. There’s also bird watching, other water sports, amazing food and great shopping on this less traveled gem of an island.

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