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The Best Places in Belize to Welcome 2020

For many, New Year’s Eve is one of the most exciting and anticipated nights of the entire year. Some will be huddled together in the cold, waiting for the ball to drop as the clock strikes 2020. What about you? You can be celebrating in Belize – one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Looking to experience something special with this New Year’s celebration? Here is a quick guide to the New Year’s Eve hot spots and Belize customs and traditions.

New Year’s Celebrations in Belize

In Belize, you’ll find that there’s a variety of traditions for ringing in the new year. Many people choose to celebrate the occasion with their closest friends and family in the intimacy of their own home. If you’re lucky enough to find your way into one of these celebrations, you’ll be in for a treat. Greeted with good cheer and the aroma of local specialties like relleno soup and fragrant rice and beans. Is definitely a treat.

You’ll also find that many others go out to celebrate at some of Belize’s favorite spots. Nothing beats the atmosphere, community and energy of a Belize New Year’s celebration. If you’re looking to venture out and take part in a local celebration, here are a few of the spots consider for unforgettable New Years.

Celebrating the New Year in Ambergris Caye

There’s no better place on earth to be than Ambergris Caye on New Year’s Eve. Whether you’re in the mood to for a classy dinner or to simply join other residents and visitors in good cheer at the local bars, Ambergris Caye has you covered.

For a farewell to 2019 meal that is infused with local flavor, be sure to make your reservations at the Sapphire Beach Resort. Past New Year’s menus have included culinary treasures like a trio of Caribbean inspired seafood and yucca crusted shrimp polenta. The Sapphire Beach Resort is renown in Ambergris for their romantic atmosphere, making it the perfect spot for an intimate celebration.

If you’re looking for more of a festive party vibe, join the locals at the Palapa Bar and Grill or The French Touch – Lounge Bar & Restaurant. While in San Pedro for New Year’s, save a little energy to enjoy the annual fireworks celebration and local parties that are known to carry on until the morning hours.

Relax with a Low Key Welcoming of the New Year

Residents of Belize believe in a savoring a slower pace of life, and while there are plenty of opportunities to take part in a typical high energy celebration, you’ll also find that Belize is the perfect spot to just kick back and welcome the new year at your pace.

If low key is your style, you’ll enjoy spending time in San Ignacio Town where you can  totally immerse yourself in the Belize experience. Book a room at the Cahal Pech Village Resort for a truly tropical welcome to the new year.

Of course, no matter where your New Year’s adventures take you, there’s no place better to welcome 2019 than the comfort of your very own Belize home. We can connect you with the property of your dreams. Reach out to ReMax: Robert D Colon today to learn more about our available condos and homes.


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