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The “F” Word – FINANCING In Belize

The idea of owning a piece of paradise in Belize is something that many people dream of, but unfortunately, financing options are currently limited for US residents. The good news, however, is that there are still plenty of affordable options available for those willing to get creative. At RE/MAX Island Real Estate, we believe that where there’s a will, there’s a way, and where’s there’s a way there’s one of our Buyers Agents ready to lead that way. We are here to help navigate the hurdle of finding viable financing.

While securing financing for Belizean properties may be challenging due to stringent lending regulations, there are alternative options available. No, I’m not selling one of my kids to help you fund. Those 3 are my social security retirement plan.

One strategy is to purchase a property using cash or leveraging existing assets, such as stocks or a retirement account. Although this approach may require more upfront capital, it can provide a more stable investment option. Winning Powerball can also help.

Moreover, alternative lending sources can also provide flexible lending terms and quick access to funds, with minimal paperwork. Private lenders back home or IRA investment purchases are viable options for those seeking alternative lending options. It’s important to note, however, that these options come with certain restrictions that potential buyers should be aware of.

Despite the financing challenges, Belize offers a favorable tax structure, with no capital gains, inheritance taxes, and low property taxes. With a little creativity and an optimistic attitude, owning a piece of paradise in this tropical destination can be a reality.

To make things clearer, we’ll address some of the most common questions about alternative financing options for US residents interested in purchasing property in Belize.

Are there financing options available for US citizens interested in purchasing properties in Belize?

While traditional financing options may be limited, alternative financing options include obtaining a mortgage from a US lender, using a home equity loan, or financing the purchase through a HELOC loan. Potential buyers should research these options beforehand since requirements and terms may vary. It’s also important to note that there may be restrictions on the amount of equity that can be used to purchase the property in Belize.

Why are banks advertising financing with 40% down, 9.25% interests and 10-year terms online?

Although banks may advertise financing with 40% down, 9.25% interests, and 10-year terms online, sellers may be reluctant to accept offers with financing contingencies since the promised 6-8 week period is usually closer to 6-8 months. Since Belize is a seasonal market, sellers prefer waiting for better options rather than tying up their property for months awaiting funding and closing. Additionally, since earnest money is typically required to secure the property, buyers may risk losing their deposits. One option for buyers is to request short-term seller financing while banks run through their lengthy disbursement process. However, not many sellers are open to this option.

We know financing options may be limited for US residents looking to purchase property in Belize, but with a little creativity and optimism, anything is possible. At RE/MAX Island Real Estate, we encourage potential buyers to explore their options and get in touch with us to learn about all the possibilities. Over the years, we’ve gotten creative and have helped many investors secure their spot. We do recommend patience since each property and seller is different.

If you’d like to chat and take a deeper dive we’d love to schedule a time that works best and share more. As one of the leaders in the Real Estate Industry here in Belize we can surely share knowledge and customize advice that may get you a step closer to the Belizean Dream of your own place on Ambergris Caye.

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