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Things to Do in Belize – Lamanai Mayan Ruins

One of the most exciting things to do when when traveling to Belize are Mayan Ruins. Central American countries are littered with these ancient city sites. Belize has some of the most important discoveries in the scientific world.

Nestled deep in the Jungles of the Orange Walk District is the oldest inhabited Mayan city in Belize, Lamanai. I have ventured to Lamanai twice in my life, about 10 years apart. My first visit was memorable, but the second was even better considering more of the city had been uncovered since my last visit.

Whether you’re traveling from Ambergris Caye or Belize City, it’s a full day of travel by boat and bus. What I love about this tour are all the things you can see on the way. On the boat ride, there is a chance you could see Manatees and a number of exotic birds. I also love interactive tours, and Lamanai does not disappoint.

Once here, you can climb the Temple of the Jaguar, sit in ancient stone courtyards, and listen to Howler Monkeys in the canopy just above you. Make sure to take a picture next to the 13-foot stone mask. Like many excursions in Belize, your tour guide encourages you to interact with everything around you and teaches you about the history of the site.

Food is usually provided. They bring homemade Belizean breakfast and lunch for those in the tour. Usually a breakfast burrito for on the boat and stew chicken for lunch while still at the ancient city.

There are many guides that will take groups, or ones that take more private tours for a more personal experience. So, relax, be spoiled for a day, eat, and take in nature and history at your fingertips. This is definitely one to add to your itinerary!


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