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Traveling to Belize this Winter? Check Out These Hidden Gems!

Winter is still in its infancy stage this year, yet it feels like it’s been forever since you felt the warm glow of a sunny afternoon on your face. If peeking out your window leaves you cowering under the covers, it’s time to plan a winter time jaunt to Belize.

Discover Placencia

There’s no shortage of favorite spots in Belize. In our opinion, one of the best areas of the country is also one of the lesser known, at least until recently. Placencia is known as home to the best beaches in the Caribbean. It’s a small, quaint spot that’s within distance of top Belize activities like snorkeling, hiking and deep-sea fishing.

Eat Up the Local Cuisine

If there’s one reason to travel to Belize any time of year, it’s the food. The cuisine of Belize is a mixture of Central American staples, tropical flair and seaside freshness. When traveling to Belize, don’t miss the opportunity to check out the local flavors at some of the best, and secluded, spots.

Some of our favorites include the Chaa Resort, Casa Picasso, and the Barefoot Beach Bar.

Scuba Dive at Laughing Bird Caye

Located about 11 miles from Placencia, Laughing Bird Caye is the perfect spot for a nature infused day trip. Laughing Bird Caye gets its name from the laughing gulls that once came there to breed. With an influx of human traffic, the laughing gulls have moved to a quieter spot, but the area remains one of the best for exotic bird watching.

Even if bird watching isn’t your thing, Laughing Bird Caye is the perfect spot for sea kayaking, snorkeling or just enjoying a breezy, seaside day.

Step Inside a Wildlife Sanctuary

If you want a touch of the surreal when traveling to Belize, don’t miss spending time at the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary carries the distinction of being the world’s first jaguar preserve. There’s bountiful wildlife that includes tropical birds, reptiles, insects of every color and no shortage of furry creatures that will make you fall in love.

The setting is serene with amazing mountain views and crystal-clear waterfalls. Don’t forget your camera. If you leave without pictures, it might end up feeling like it was just a dream.

Say You’ve Been in Shark Infested Waters

Do you have a spirit of adventure? If so, go snorkeling in the shark infested waters of Shark Ray Alley. While the waters are filled with sharks and rays, there’s nothing to worry about as the creatures here are harmless. Smaller nurse sharks swarm the area and are happy to interact with divers and snorkelers.

The water in Shark Ray Alley is only about 8 feet deep, so it’s a great once in a lifetime opportunity for even novice snorkelers.

In all honesty, the best hidden gems on any vacation are the ones you discover yourself, completely by chance. In Belize, there’s no shortage of opportunities for discovering hidden gems and unforgettable moments. If you want to know more about Belize, local attractions or information about a property, we’re here to answer your questions. Contact  RE/MAX Island Real Estate today.


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