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Why Invest in Belize

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There has never been a better time to invest in belize.. The numbers don’t lie.

“A lot of our industry partners have been telling us that… it’s one of the best slow seasons they’ve had. So now we’re heading into the high season and we’re really excited about that”.Alyssa Carnegie, Director of marketing & Industry Relations at the Belize Tourism Board during a press conference.

The increasing numbers on our tourist arrival statistics for this year makes it clear that the efforts to improve the industry have well paid off. A glance at the last few years Overnight, Airport and Cruise tourist arrivals show that 2014 has indeed been a very productive year.

Overnight tourist arrivals saw a 9.2% increase from last year’s 294’177 visitors compared to this year’s 321’220 visitors. The high season months saw a significant increase in tourists arrival compared to previous years. It’s a great motivator and reminder to keep improving the services and experiences we offer in Belize.

Thousands more decided to make Belize part of their holiday destination through cruises which are showing top record arrivals. Some of the figures almost doubled for some months, including the third quarter (our low season). This years cruise arrivals increased by a total of 42.9%, hitting a record high of 968’131 cruise passenger arrivals this year!

The Philip Goldson Airport also welcomed many folks into the country. This years numbers showed an increase of 7%.

It is great motivation for the Tourism Industry and for all Belizeans to keep making Belize a great tourist destination, and to find ways to make the Belizean Experience better for all those who choose to visit this other paradise in the Caribbean.


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