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Working Remotely? Make Your Office An Island!

The pandemic inadvertently created a growing new trend that has employees doing the happy dance: working remotely from their favorite island destination.

In pre-pandemic time, working remotely was rare, but the pandemic created a new norm across the globe. Many employees aren’t required to go back into the office even after the pandemic restrictions have lifted. In fact, in a recent survey of U.S. employees who typically work in the office showed that 90% of those employees would prefer to continue working from home.

And when they say, ‘continue working from home’…they’re really saying, ‘wherever there’s wifi, preferably on an island!’

Done! Belize’s Ministry of Tourism has introduced a long-stay visitor program called “Work Where You Vacation” that encourages tourists to stay longer and, ahem, work remotely. Warm temperatures, turquoise waters, and strong oceanside wifi availability combine to make Belize the perfect destination for remote work.

Permanently Remote Sounds Good! 
Once you experience the serenity (and productivity) of working amongst the fresh tropical breezes, swaying palm leaves, wafting ocean waves…a week or two won’t cut it. You’ll soon understand that you and your laptop are portable and short term island living is 100% feasible.

The logistics: Entry requirements are simple for Americans. Only a passport is required for the first 30 days and work permits are easy to apply for. The official language is English and the U.S. dollar works just fine at stores and outdoor markets. Foreigners can easily purchase property in Belize—short term or long term.

San Pedro is the perfect remote (work) island paradise. I can help you find short and long term real estate opportunities or help you make the plunge to a full-time office space (aka island home).

Written By: Jeff Bella

Jeff Bella, Realtor in Belize, Broker and Owner of Remax Island Real estate


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