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Activities in Caye Caulker scuba diving

5 Can’t Miss Activities in Caye Caulker

Ask anyone who’s been to Belize what they enjoy about it, and the answers will almost always involve the laid back atmosphere, slower pace, breezy beaches and endless opportunities to completely immerse oneself in the culture. Caye Cau...

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How to Find the Best Flights to Belize

As Belize becomes more popular as a vacation destination, more and more airlines are adding flights to Belize. These airlines are offering competitive discounts to try to win your business. There are currently 7 international airlines that ...

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Dive the Blue Hole in Ambergris Caye

  The Great Blue Hole at Lighthouse Reef Atoll is one of the world’s most fascinating dive spots. Once a cave that existed above ground, it became a sinkhole as the sea level rose in the area. The weight of the rising water caused its...

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Belizean Cuisine for Gastronomes Part I

While rice and beans and potato salad are fairly ubiquitous everywhere you go in Belize, there are a few little culinary twists and turns that are very specific to this part of the world. To supply some background, there is a combination of...

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It’ All About That Reef

The barrier reef that lies just off the coast of Ambergris Caye is a living entity, and the second longest barrier reef in the world. Additionally, there are three atoll reefs, and a fourth to the north in Mexican waters that is famous with...

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Life In Belize – ALTUN HA Day Trip

Life In Belize – ALTUN HA TRIP FROM SAN PEDRO If you’ve had a chance to visit San Pedro, you likely know that it is a perfect place to lounge on the beach.  But if you are looking for an excursion we recommend visiting the mayan r...

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Life in Belize – Cafés around San Pedro

  Life in Belize – Cafés around San Pedro Who doesn’t enjoy a great cup of coffee?  Even though it’s warm here in the Caribbean, we can certainly appreciate a good cup of Joe! Recently we have  seen several good Cafés openi...

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